What if you don’t have dice?

Creative Alternatives to Dice & Cards

There are lots of great math games that involve dice and cards!

But what if you don’t have dice or cards easily available at home? Students in 3M offered some great advice. Thanks, 3M! Games will be posted soon.

From Adam, Cramer, Dia, Hudson, Kyara, and Sophie: Write the numbers you need on scraps of paper, and pull them out of a hat, bucket, or bowl (Kyara suggests closing your eyes!)

From Maddy and Maslin: Ask Siri or Alexa
(e.g. “Tell me a number between 1 and 10”)

From Pascal: Make an origami box, and write the numbers 1 through 6 on the sides

From Cassandra: You can use flash cards and the answer would be the number you get. You can also use playing cards!

From Hadley: Write the numbers, and do eeny meeny miny mo (*Try to start on different numbers)

From Lila: Ask your parents to choose a number

From Adam and Stella: Program your computer to make a random number (Stella suggested using ‘R’)

Adam’s Mom, Amy, also joined in the fun! She suggested taking a handful of random objects, like rice or beans, out of a box or bowl. Count them and use that number.

One more from Ms. Laib: Google “dice.” You can choose from dice with different sides. Usually, you will need either the blue 6-sided die or the pink 10-sided die.

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