Primary (K-2) Game of the Week: Close to 20

Close to 20

From the Investigations 3 curriculum, which Brookline will begin adopting in the 2020-2021 school year.


If you don’t have cards around, you can either print them or check out some creative suggestions for alternatives from the kids in 3M

• Counters (like cubes, pennies, scraps of paper, etc.)


  1. Deal 5 cards to each player.
  2. Take turns. On each turn:
    • Choose 3 cards that make a total as close to 20 as possible.
    • Record the total of the 3 cards, and your score.
    • Your score is the difference between your total and 20.
    • Take that many cubes.
    • Put those cards aside and take 3 new cards.
  3. After each player has taken 5 turns, total your score.
  4. Count your cubes. You should have the same number of cubes as your total score.
  5. The player with the lowest total score is the winner.

Additional Downloads

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