Math Art Challenge: Stained Glass Shape Search

Math Art Challenge: Stained Glass Shape Search

Can you find the hidden shapes?

For this challenge, you will create a stained glass window design on the sidewalk using chalk and some painter’s or masking tape

First: use the tape to create a design.
Then: color each section of the design. Try not to use the same color for shapes that touch.
After: pull the tape off to reveal your “stained glass window” design.

Then search for shapes in your design!

How many triangles (3 sided shapes) can you find? How are your triangles the same? How are your triangles different?

Which color did you use the most? How do you know? (relates to upper elementary work with area and measurement)

Try to find:

  • Triangles (shapes with three sides)
  • Quadrilaterals (shapes with four sides)
  • Pentagons (shapes with five sides)
  • Hexagons (shapes with six sides)

Did you create more triangles or more quadrilaterals? Create a graph to show how many of each shape you found. (relates to 2nd and 3rd grade work with geometry, measurement, and data)

Send in photos of your creations! jennifer_laib at

Here are some more examples of stained glass windows:

photo from Chrissy Newell

I spy two orange triangles, one blue quadrilateral…

*from the Grade 2 math menu, week of April 6 – 10*

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