Upper Elementary (3-5) Game of the Week: Target 1000

This game is from the IM K-5 Math Program (that Grades 4 and 5 have been piloting). There are variations of this game in Investigations 3 and Bridges.

Play this game online (via TERC Investigations 3)!



  1. Print out a gameboard, or draw the following on a piece of paper or whiteboard.
  2. Spin spinner/roll dice/generate a random number.
  3. All players secretly decide where to place the digit in the game template.
  4. Take turns spinning/rolling/generating 6 more times, until all spaces are filled. You must place one digit in the “extra number” box.
  5. Find the value of the sum.
  6. Calculate your score. Your score is the distance from the target number of 1000.
  7. Play 5 rounds. The player with the lowest score wins.


In fourth and fifth grade, we also played Target 500, Target 750, and Target 0 (subtraction).


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