About Ms. Laib

…in case we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet!

I have been a math specialist at Driscoll School since 2011, working with every grade K-8. I have also been an upper elementary classroom teacher, a math coach, a facilitator of professional learning for teachers, a Teacher-in-Residence at the Museum of Science, and more.

Students inspire me. I am endlessly fascinated by the way Driscoll kids think about and learn mathematics. I also enjoy working with teachers to develop content knowledge, pedagogical strategies, and curiosity about math. I miss everyone at Driscoll during our extended time at home!

Right now, I am home with my husband and two children, ages 2 and 4. Some activities we are currently enjoying include baking and cooking, adventures in the woods, and designing postcards to mail to family and friends. You can see some photos on the Driscoll Math Instagram.

Reach me via e-mail at jennifer_laib at psbma.org

I am happy to chat about math at Driscoll, math at home, ways to support your individual child(ren), additional resources, etc.

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