Upper Elementary (3-5) Game of the Week: Target 1000

This game is from the IM K-5 Math Program (that Grades 4 and 5 have been piloting). There are variations of this game in Investigations 3 and Bridges. Play this game online (via TERC Investigations 3)! Materials number cards (0-9), spinner (0-9), or one of the creative suggestions for alternatives to generate a random number (from theContinue reading “Upper Elementary (3-5) Game of the Week: Target 1000”

Primary (K-2) Game of the Week: Close to 20

Close to 20 From the Investigations 3 curriculum, which Brookline will begin adopting in the 2020-2021 school year. Materials If you don’t have cards around, you can either print them or check out some creative suggestions for alternatives from the kids in 3M • Counters (like cubes, pennies, scraps of paper, etc.) Directions Deal 5Continue reading “Primary (K-2) Game of the Week: Close to 20”

Grade 5 Snapshot: Which One Doesn’t Belong?

Students across Driscoll enjoy the Which One Doesn’t Belong routine. In this routine, four images (or numbers or graphs) are displayed, and students are asked to select which one of the four does not belong with the other three. This routine “fosters a need for students to identify defining attributes and use language precisely inContinue reading “Grade 5 Snapshot: Which One Doesn’t Belong?”